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"The JAVITA Revolution" Ebook has detailed explanations of Javita's gourmet herbally enhanced coffees and how they work in your body. Thousands of people are finding they can easily lose weight and change body shape with JAVITA Burn + Control Coffee and the health benefits of the powerful herbs in that coffee are a wonderful "side effect". Learn why JAVITA Burn + Control Coffee is becoming a legend in the weight loss industry and the energy drink industry too.

"The JAVITA Revolution" Ebook also has excellent information on how JAVITA can be your Plan-B. JAVITA is an explosively growing direct marketing company and you can create an income part-time that may quickly exceed your full-time income. Thousands of people are now enjoying a "residual income", also called "mailbox money".

Residual income is money you earn as commissions from consumers and distributors in your JAVITA business and can be a lifelong income that you no longer work for. Residual income is true "lifestyle money" and it is the smartest type of income because you worked for it once, but keep getting it over and over with no more work involved.

This book also explains the critical factors in choosing a direct selling company to represent and why so many top people in this industry are joining JAVITA. Timing is so critical in life and if you are reading this, it is TIME for you to learn about JAVITA and time for you to consider if JAVITA is your Plan-B or maybe even your Plan-A. One thing for sure, this is "the time" to join JAVITA, so you can ride the wave of explosive growth that JAVITA is just entering.

"Your Plan-B" Ebook is a captivating 48 page Ebook by two home business experts, John Milton Fogg and Ted Nuyten. These words on the cover say it all: "Escape the Rat Race... Work When, Where & with Whom You Choose... Have Time & Financial Freedom!" You will want to read this Ebook again and again so you can understand why the direct marketing industry has produced so many wealthy people and to answer the many questions and myths associated with this industry.

Our herbally enhanced coffee is an amazing product and a great business opportunity!

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