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Compensation Plan
The Javita Compensation Plan is based on the sales of coffee to others. It's simple to understand and explain. It has been developed to be fair to everyone involved, and can be extremely lucrative to those who take action. We promise, when you see our revolutionary compensation system, you will be excited and thrilled to have joined Javita.

Javita Comp Plan

-- Immediate income comes when you sell product or enroll someone. Earn from $100 to $225 for every person you personally enroll at the business pack level.

retail -- Leveraged income is generated when members you sponsored enroll others and when they enroll others. This is how an employer leverages their employees to generate profits.

-- Residual income is the best. You do the work once and you get paid over and over. It's as if you had written a book or recorded a big hit.

-- Bonus income with multiple bonuses and hundreds of thousands of dollars to be earned, as much as $250,000.

10 Profit Centers - 10 Ways You Can Generate Income

Javita Retail Profit

1 - Direct Sales Profit
You can earn 30% or more if you purchase product and resell it at retail prices.

Javita Preferred Customer

2 - Preferred Customer Commissions
You can earn up to 20% commissions on volume from all Preferred Customers in your group. The Get3/Yours is Free makes this option very attractive.

Javita First Order Bonus

3 - First Order Bonus
When you enroll a new member you will receive a first order bonus that is one of the most generous in the industry. This bonus is paid weekly along with the 4th Profit Center TDI Bonus.

Team Development Infinity Bonus

4 - Team Development Infinity (TDI) Bonus
It is earned by Members who achieve the rank of Consultant or above. The TDI Bonus of up to $100 can be earned on every Business Pack sold within your organization. The bonus is paid weekly along with the First Order Bonus.

Top Enroller Bonus

5 - Top Enrollers Bonus
Be one of Javita?s Top Enrollers each month and earn a special bonus for your efforts.

Javita Star Bonus

6 - STAR Bonus Program
The STAR bonus is a pool of 2% of country sales. The more points you achieve the bigger the bonus.

BMW Car Bonus

7 - BMW Car Bonus
When you achieve the Supervisor level you can begin receiving a car bonus towards the monthly lease on your BMW. As you advance the car bonus gets larger from $400 to $1000 a month.

Team Residual Commissions
8 - Team Commissions
Javita pays up to an unheard of 15 levels off all members and customers drinking coffee in your organization. This can be $100's, $1,000's, even $10,000's a month. This is mailbox money, some call it beach money. It's based on monthly consumption. You worked once and you just keep getting paid.

Javita Diamond Rank
9 - Diamond Global Infinity Bonus
The bonus consists of one percent (1%) of global net commissionable volume, and is shared among all qualifying Diamonds.

10 - Diamond Rank Advancement Bonus
The bonus is based on ranks attained. Members have the potential to earn up to $250,000.

Example Residual Income Chart - First 8 Levels
(Javita Compensation Plan pays up to 15 levels and includes compression)

Javita 3 Leg Example PDF

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