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More than half of the world's population already enjoys coffee. That is why Javita is such an exciting, new business opportunity for full-time or part-time entrepreneurs. Javita has merged three great industries, coffee, weight loss and direct selling, to give you the opportunity of a lifetime.

Javita is the Sister Company of Waiora

Waiora Mega Defense Javita and Waiora offices in Boca Raton, Florida Waiora was created by Stan Cherelstein in 2004. It is located in Boca Raton, Florida and is one of the world's top network marketing companies. Their products include a range of extremely powerful nutraceuticals that are proven to help people and animals achieve optimal health and longevity. Their original lead product is a cellular detoxifier called Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) which removes dangerous heavy metals and many toxins from our bodies at the systemic level. Waiora's latest product which is now their lead product is Mega Defense. It both removes the heavy metals and toxins and also modulates the immune system. Learn more about Waiora's products on the FAQs-Waiora page, including links for more information.

We are very successful Waiora distributors and have achieved the rank of Emerald. Javita was founded in 2011 and is a separate company, not a subsidiary of Waiora. Javita is built upon the stability of their debt free, $30 million/year sister company. This is VERY IMPORTANT because in the network marketing industry, 98% of new companies go out of business by their 5th year. Because of Waiora, JAVITA has the huge opportunity of a new company but without the risk.

Most established companies have gone through their stage of explosive growth and are no longer good opportunities. Some of the explosive opportunities are not sustainable and are rapidly failing in their original markets and only showing growth because of their expansion into foreign markets. If a company is failing or rapidly contracting in its original market, it probably they will do the same in their new foreign markets and all the hard work their distributors are doing will only give them a short term success. One can look at all the juice companies, especially the big acai juice company, and see this pattern. When a mlm business is not sustainable because of their products, comp plan or economic factors, you see many top distributors finding other opportunities. Many also lose homes and cars when they wait too long before switching to a viable opportunity. The question is whether a successful network marketer in a declining company will have the wisdom to switch to a company with long term viability.

We love to talk about the residual income in our industry being "forever", unfortunately that is NOT TRUE with most companies, especially companies based on juices and shakes. The top 2 companies in JAVITA's market are Visalus ($80 million per month) and Organo Gold ($30 million per month). Visalus is the #1 weight loss shake company in the world and Organo Gold sells a "healthy" mushroom coffee with a taste that many people object to. Both companies have binary compensation plans which have a very poor record in the industry. Binary comp plans typically have high distributor churn rates and a very small percentage of people making money. That type of comp plan is tilted heavily towards very successful distributors, the super stars in network marketing.

JAVITA uses the industry proven unilevel comp plan with lots of great bonuses. New distributors can make money quickly plus ambitious distributors can make BIG money. We know our way around the world of network marketing and have 35 years of experience and success. We have been top-10 distributors in 3 companies and won many trips and cash bonuses. Recently we won two awards, Waiora gave us a Top Performer's luxury trip valued over $6,000 to New York City in December, 2012. That is our 3rd in a row Top Performer win with Waiora. On October 4, 2012 we were presented a $1,000 cash bonus from JAVITA for being a top enroller in September, our first full month building JAVITA.

Mark Ellins
St. Augustine, Florida

Mark Ellins

My personal results using Javita are spectacular! Mark lost 9 lbs his first month WITHOUT dieting or exercising and he continued to drink wine, beer, eat pasta and desserts. His love handles are 2/3 gone and he continues to lose weight and inches.

I also get HUGE energy that lasts 4 to 5 hours and it is nice, even energy without the buzz or shakes. The appetite suppression is very noticable, it works!

I have introduced many people to Javita Burn & Control and are seeing these same results with everybody. People are losing inches and pounds, typically within a week or two. Most people are losing 5 to 20 lbs per month. Burn & Control is AMAZING!

I am blessed with a wonderful daughter, Kathleen, and two precious granddaughters, Hannah and Gracie. We enjoy our family, traveling the world, long-distance motorcycle touring and helping others attain greater health and wealth. Mark is an accomplished scuba diver and sky diver and enjoys boating and fishing.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 40 years and created many successful companies including a racing motorcycle shop, computer software company, computer sales and service, internet service provider, satellite TV sales, and a graphics design firm. In 2005 we owned 4 retail stores with 35 employees and completely burned out on "brick and mortar" businesses, employee headaches and having no control over the economic factors that affect conventional businesses. We sold the businesses and our home, then spent 6 months decompressing in the Florida Keys. We had a nice RV built and spent the next 3 years travelling the U.S.

Our Travelling Rigs

Mark drove the blue pickup and had a touring motorcycle in the bed while pulling a 40' 5th wheel trailer using a towing adapter (65' long total!). Donna drove the hemi pickup and pulled the boat. We had all the toys with us including fishing, scuba and skydiving equipment and drove from the Florida Keys to San Diego to Oregon. Family and friends drove and flew to stay with us as we travelled, we had a blast!

But we wanted more out of life and for our family, so we sold the rigs and settled in St. Augustine, Florida to start the next phase of our lives, achieving true financial and lifestyle freedom through network marketing businesses with Waiora and Javita.

Interwoven with our careers in traditional business was the firm belief that network marketing was the solution to the frustrations and limitations of those "brick and mortar" stores. Our journey into the world of network marketing actually began as far back as 1975 and over the last 35 years we have built several successful distributorships, primarily in the field of health and nutrition. We have been named one of the top 10 distributors in 3 companies, won sponsoring contests, enjoyed lots of travel and many free trips. We enjoy mentoring and helping people achieve their life dreams through network marketing and believe completely in that business distribution model. We feel that network marketing is the purest form of free enterprise that exists and many top entrepreneurs including Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and Richard Branson agree. The only thing that can hold you back in network marketing is the 6 inches between your ears.

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